Shopping resources

Kitchen cutlery

Recomendations about cutlery selection. A mix between pricing, style and functionality.

Exercise machine

Explains that an excersice machine is cheaper than a gym membership. Also shows the benefits of an elliptical excercise machine, as a mix of an excercise bike and a treadmill.

Washing machines

A website aimed to inform consumers about washing machines for them to make the right choice when buying.

Janitorial supplies

Information about quality janitorial supplies on the market for choosing the right cleaning supplies.

Wedding flowers

Ideas, suggestions and information about wedding flowers arrangements, bouquets and flower shops.

Flowers meaning

A website describing flowers meaning for the buyer to buy the right gift.


A website providing recommendations about flowers: how to buy them, where to buy, and what to buy to make the perfect gift.

Flowers meaning

A website providing descriptions about flower meaning, flower delivery, online order and flower shops.

Flower delivery

Detailed information about flower delivery and flower shops in the States and other parts of the world.

Shopping wine

Brief summary of the history of wine, the wine making process, and an explanation of the different wine varieties.

Wine tasting

A thorough resource for wine consumers and lovers. Information about types of wine, the wine making process and tasting.


A website providing information on liquor: types and liquor shops, and other drinks and spirits: beer, wine, champagne, etc.


All about types of liquors, preparation process, recognized brands, online shopping, and more.

Liquor stores

A website providing everything there is to know about liquor, liquor stores and types of liquor: brandy, vodka, gin, rum, whiskey.

Shop furniture

Information, pieces of advice, recommendations about furniture for you to make the best decision when you shop furtinure. Tips considering the types: office, baby, antique, kid, wood furniture.

Sending flowers

All about online shopping flowers, arrangements, decoration with flowers, types, care guidelines, flower therapy, and tips on what type and color flower to buy depending on the occassion.

Clothing Shopping

Featuring everything you want to know about clothing shopping. Description of the most trendy clothes for babies, children, men and women, as well as maternity clothes, accessories and retailers online.

Paint shop

A website fully devoted to those who need help with their car paint. It provides info on the type of car paint you will need depending on your car and more.

Washing machine

Useful information on washing machines, including maintenance, history, tips, description of types and of dryers, and more.

Costume shop

A website fully dedicated to fashion and new trends: designer vintage clothing, accessories. A brief history of fashion is also provided.


A website about antiques and artistic objects, intended for the avid collector. Learn how to buy antique furniture, toys, stamps, and more.


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